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West Wind Fire Relief Efforts

CHS Big Sky extends our heartfelt concern and well wishes to the residents of Denton following the West Wind Fire, which affected the town Wednesday, December 1.  We commit to standing by our owner-growers and patrons as the clean-up and rebuilding efforts begin.  Many of the firefighters and volunteers who battled the blaze were CHS employees and CHS Big Sky customers.  The resilience and dedication shown by these individuals was outstanding and we couldn’t be prouder to live and work in a community where cooperative spirit is evident in both prosperous and trying times.

While we are thankful that no CHS employees lost a home, nor did CHS lose any assets in the fire, we recognize the need is great to help those who lost homes and other personal property in the fire.  CHS Big Sky will be donating several large items to the live auction fundraiser and will continue to focus on other avenues to help the community rebuild.  There are a variety of ways to assist families in the rebuilding process.  Please click the following link to read about the various ways you can support your fellow farmers, ranchers, community members and friends: https://bit.ly/3lLmKo2.

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